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Hair Care

Cut and Color Services

Our incredible stylists are waiting for you! Whether you get full color services on the regular, only cut your hair once a year, or just want to indulge in a relaxing, deep conditioning treatment, we've got you covered!

Hair Cut

Haircuts and Styling

Dry Cut/Thinning

30 Minutes | $40

Very straightforward women's haircut. No shampoo or style.

Deluxe Cut w/Style

60 Minutes | $55

This service includes a wash and condition followed by a cut, blow-dry and style.

Children's 12 & Under Cut

45 Minutes | $30

Cut for children 12 years old and younger. Service includes wash and style.

Men's Express Cut

30 Minutes, $30

Quick men's haircut. Includes wash and style.


60 Minutes | $40 and up

A blowout is the art of drying hair after a good wash to achieve a smooth and sleek look, style and feel - no curling or flat iron involved!

Blowout w/Hot Tool Service

60 Minutes | $50 and up

Blowout service with the addition of hot tool styling.

Formal Updo

60 Minutes | $65 and up

Have a special event coming up? This is the service for you! Whether you are attending a wedding, school dance or just having a fun night out, our stylists will work with you to create a look fit for any formal occasion.

Bridal Hair

60 Minutes | $100
*Includes Consultation/Run-through

Our Bridal Hair Service includes a run-through so that we can make sure we get your hair absolutely perfect on your special day. We encourage you to book your run-through at the same time you plan to get your hair done on your actual wedding day so that we will know whether we need to start earlier or later on the day of.


All Services Include Wash & Style

Root Color Retouch

90 Minutes | $75 and up

For a color retouch, your stylist will apply a single color to your root area where your natural hair growth has started to come in.

All Over Color

2 Hours | $90 and up

Also commonly called “single-process hair color,” all-over color is a one-step process that involves coating the hair with a single shade. Price is contingent on length and thickness of hair.

Mini Highlight

60 Minutes | $70 and up

Very subtle highlighting service. Only ten foils used to create a little brightening around the face for a bit of dimension.

Partial Highlight

2 Hours | $85 and up

Partial highlights are typically placed around the face for a brightening or framing effect. Your stylist may call them a “half head of highlights.” You will probably have most of their natural color peeking through from the back and around the nape of the neck. The pros of getting partial highlights include less potential damage to your hair due to less bleach being used, greater affordability and a more "natural" appearance. Price is contingent on length and thickness of hair.

Full Highlight

3 Hours | $120 and up

Full highlights are highlights that wrap all around and can be referred to by your colorist as “a full head of highlights.” It can be anything from an epic balayage from brunette to blonde to a multi-dimensional range of bronzy-gold colors all over the hair. Pros of a full highlight include the ability to go from dark to light without bleaching your hair all over and the potential to look as natural or as dramatic as you wish. Price is contingent on length and thickness of hair.

Balayage/Hand Painting

3+ Hours | $120 and up

Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. The result is the look of summers spent at the beach, or the fresh, unintentionally perfect highlights on a child. This natural-looking highlighting technique is not just for blondes, but is actually used on all shades of hair to add soft, sun-kissed dimension. Because Balayage highlights don't involve completely saturating your hair in bleach or color dye, you'll enjoy healthier hair because of less process on the hair. As a result, you get to enjoy softer, silkier hair with less damage and dryness. There is also less maintenance involved with Balayage as color/bleach is not applied directly to the root area. Price is contingent on length and thickness of hair.

Color Correction

3+ Hours | $75 per hour
*Free Consultation MUST be Booked Prior to Color Correction Appointment!

There are many types of color corrections, but the two most common color corrections are making really dark hair much lighter, and making really light hair much darker. Have you recently colored your hair with a boxed hair dye? These cheap, boxed products available at convenience stores are extremely metallic making it very difficult to lift them out of your hair. Lightening your hair after using a product like this will be challenging and require a personalized strategy. Why so expensive? Well friends, color corrections tend to take up the entirety of a stylist’s day. This often means seeing less clients, which in-turn means making less money that day. Some color correction appointments can take up to 6 hours or more so please come prepared. Your stylist will also likely use mass amounts of color to achieve the desired tone.  After you’ve been lightened or had your light hair filled with pigment, your stylist still needs to tone you with just the right colors to get rid of brassy tones, green tones, red tones, etc., which is a massive step in the color correction process. We require a free 15 minute consultation prior to any color correction.

Toner Refresh

60 Minutes | $60

Did you have your hair colored and now, a few weeks later, the tone is a little off? Hair toner products/services aim to neutralize unwanted warm or brassy tones to help you achieve a shinier, healthier, more natural-looking shade. Refresh you hair without getting a full color service!

Toner w/any Lightening Service


Depending on the natural color of your hair and your personal history with hair dye, your color service may need the accompaniment of a toner to achieve your desired shade. This is an add-on service.

Specialty Services & Treatments

Perm w/Haircut

2 Hours | $85 and up

A perm is a process where your hairstylist treats your hair with a chemical to alter the structure and permanently wave or curl you hair. A perm will last approximately 3-6 months if your home care regimen supports the perm and your hair.

Spiral Perm/Long Hair Perm

3 Hours | $100 and up

A spiral hair perm is one of the modern techniques of perming your hair. It is a process of perming your shoulder-length or long hair into corkscrew-pattern curls. In a traditional or standard perm procedure, horizontal rolling of hair is done. The result of a spiral perm is more volume and subtle texture.

Deep Condition

60 Minutes | $40
*$10 with any color service

A deep conditioning treatment will condition the cuticle and help the scale-like cells to lie flat, giving the hair a smoother and shinier appearance. It will also add moisture to your locks! One of the main reasons that hair becomes unmanageable and dull looking is because it has been stripped of it's moisture.

Olaplex Treatment

60 Minutes | $50
*15% of service charge with any color treatment

Olaplex is a system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. If you've over-bleached or had your hair highlighted for years, Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair. This treatment is a complete re-set for your hair!

Scalp Spa

60 Minutes | $50

Here at InSPArations we offer a signature treatment directed towards the health of your scalp. Whether you are struggling with dandruff, dry skin or simply wish to pamper yourself this treatment is for you! This service will begin with the use of a gentle scalp scrub infused with celery seed extract to sooth and hydrate your scalp all while removing impurities. This will be followed by a thorough wash with a shampoo infused with rose water which has been proven to reduce irritation with its skin conditioning benefits. This treatment will be finished with an olaplex conditioner to further moisturize and smooth out your hair. This service aims to beautify, purify and detoxify your scalp.  Our Scalp Spa regimen treats your hair and scalp as gently as you would your skin, providing you with the foundation for optimal scalp health and hair growth.

Keratin Treatment

3+ Hours | $200 and up
*Free Consultation MUST be Booked Prior to Keratin Treatment Appointment! Please call to schedule.

A keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooths and shines frizzy hair. There are many different versions of the treatment that go by different names such as "Brazilian Blowout," "Cezanne," etc. Your hairstylist can customize a blend of the formula to suit your needs.  On a basic level, keratin treatments dive into the hair follicle and inject porous areas with keratin, an essential hair protein. Your hair will appear healthier, because it actually is. After you get a keratin hair treatment, and after the don't-wash waiting period, you should use sodium-sulfate-free shampoo to help maintain the treatment. Results typically last about 3 months with proper care.

Want to experience these pampering treatments for yourself? Get in touch with us to book yours today.

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